Burning Raspberries

A spectacular combination of entertainment and cooking

Abstract images and intriguing moments are mixed with hilarious and straight forward action.

A poetic and playful performance that combines fire, smoke and scents. A spectacular act of street theater!

Everyday items are turned into unusual cooking utensils to create a visual masterpiece and atmosphere.

From a tennis racquet for an iron! No stone is left unturned in the creation of the perfect dish: A smoked spinach salad with a savoury waffle. To top it all off, the audience is invited to taste the final dish!

Intriguing, funny and inventive.

Iwan Dam brings an original adaptation of street theatre. Like a trou alchemist he connects flavours and drama to capture the audience and brings them along on a special journey.

Why is this interesting for your event?

Unique Show

This representation is difficult to define. It's not just the combination of cooking and theatre. Also the alternation of abstract and concrete actions.

Funny and sensitive

The performance and the combination of normal household material makes the performance funny. The music and the poetic images provide a lyrical undertone.

After the show

There is real cooking and so there is really something to eat. This ensures that a moment arises after the performance in which viewers come to taste and come into contact with each other and the performer

What did others say?

“You are an addition to the street theater offer”
Festival onderstroom Vlissingen
“I saw Burning Raspberries and I was really excited! What a beautiful striking spectacular show, special to see that both young and old continue to watch with amazement”
Manon van Gaal
Head of Programming Open Air Theater Eibergen

Who is Iwan Dam?

I make shows where I combine cooking with theatre. Burning Raspberries uses and plays with the smells and images of food. The premise of all my cooking shows is that it should be edible.

In addition to my own performance, I played leading roles in stage performances and musicals. And I have participated in masterclasses in the Netherlands, England and Austria.

After completing my studies at the theatre school in Amsterdam, my field of work expanded from drama to musical and from impro comedy to outdoor theater.

Next to Burning Raspberries I also offer other performances.

It's really a good idea!

80% of the previous festivals and events booked Burning raspberries because they appreciate that it is a unique form of theatre.

All ages!
It is a family show that everyone enjoys in their own way.
People are surprised by the stage image and are curious what happens to the things they know from the kitchen at home.
Some especially laugh at the playful finds and creative solutions.
Others are touched by the abstract story, the music, the singing and the smells.

 The stage is an improvised kitchen unit with 3 tables in front of it.

This requires a space of at least 6 meters wide and 5 meters deep. At the end of the performance, a pepper is roasted with a flamethrower. You have to keep a little distance for that.

People come in a semi-circle around the kitchen unit. The larger the circle, the more audience is possible.

In practice, this means that up to 200 people are no problem..

Burning Raspberries is a street theater performance in which a dish is prepared in a spectacular way. Like a juggler plays with pins and balls, Iwan plays with ingredients and scent.

There is little spoken, a soundscape accompanies the act. Like a dance performance, there is an abstract storyline, but what comes across are the crazy actions that lead to a meal and beautiful visuals.

Herbs are set up like sand castles. These are then re-roasted on an iron to be used in a batter. Spinach is washed in the back of a toy car and then hung on the clothesline to dry.

In short, a funny playful poetic performance that inspires and surprises

€ 1450  a day
3 x a show
ex VAT and travel expenses (25 cents per kilometer calculated from Amsterdam)

Discount possible if fewer performances are played.

Why this amount:
The preparation for this performance is big .
Ingredients must be sourced and prepared.
The mise-en-place is thorough and precise and afterwards there are a lot of things that need to be washed.

What makes this performance great is the time after the show.

There is a real dish so there is plenty to taste. Not just on the board that is made (and given away). Also on the kitchen unit and the tables in front of it.
People gather around. They come to taste and talk to each other.

Zo zorgt deze voorstelling dat er ook na afloop nog genoeg is om van te genieten.

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