Burning Raspberries 



What kind of show is Burning Raspberries?

Burning Raspberries is a street performance production, combining musical theatre, story telling and a cooking show.
During the show a dish will be prepared using ingredients and household appliances in much the same way a juggler would handle cones and balls.
Burning Raspberries is a mostly non-verbal production accompanied by a soundscape and an underlying abstract story-line.
“ Herbs and spices , are roasted on an iron and used for making pastry – spinach washed in toy lorries and hung out like laundry to dry ”.
A poetic, playful and whimsical production that will inspire, fascinate and surprise audiences.



Who is Burning Raspberries for?

This is a family show aimed at all age groups.
The combination of unexpected visual elements, live music, the sounds and smells of food being freshly prepared and quirky theatrical elements make for a show that will resonate on many different levels with a wide variety of audiences of all ages.



How large an audience can the show handle and what are your requirements for playing?

The playing area is approximately 6 meters wide by 5 meters deep. The stage comprises of an improvised kitchen with three small tables between the kitchen and the audience. ( At one point a pepper will be scorched and audiences will be asked to take a step back. ) Audiences are arranged in a semi circle around the stage. Obviously the bigger the semicircle the larger the audience, in practice this means that up to around 200 onlookers can enjoy the show comfortably.



Extra ….. long contact

Just as entertaining as the actual show, is what happens afterwards. An actual dish has been prepared and so there is opportunity for audience members to taste the food. People gather around, sample the food and talk among each other, making the show a very sociable and interactive event that offers enjoyment as well as during as after the performance.


Burning Raspberries is original outdoor theatre combining cooking, singing and acting. Pots and pans, food and fire come together in rare and incredible ways of preparing food. A flat iron and tennis racquet conjure fantastic and poetic figures and atmospheres. People become peppercorns scattered on saffron, A blow torch turns a pepper into a burning heart. Crackers crunch footseps through the snow. Exotic mountains are conjured by piles of equally exotic spices.

Iwan is an alchemist combining singing, food and beautiful scents to take the audience on a story of    loss, struggle and love. The audience is immersed in an  unprecedented palpable and palatable experience.